Carnival credits Defence Force personnel

Posted on: May 30th, 2011 by 8 Comments

Personnel in the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces are to receive on board credit of up to $250 when booking a cruise with Princess Cruises, Cunard Line or P&O Cruises.

The program is available to serving, discharged and retired servicemen from all three branches of the Defence Force, including the Navy, Air Force and Army.

Carnival Australia Senior Vice President Jenny Lourey said the company was extremely proud to introduce the program.

“We think it’s a great way of acknowledging the men and women who give so much for their countries,” Ms Lourey said.

Receiving the benefit is easy. Servicemen need only provide documentation at the time of booking that sufficiently demonstrates their service in the Australian or New Zealand Defence Force.

8 Responses

  1. My wife and I recently completed a 40 day round trip from Sydney on Sea Princess(cruiseC306)
    When I heard about the benefit i got in touch with the Defence office in canberra, and was instructed to
    send a copy of my Service certificate/drivers licencs/ booking form etc.
    i did all that, and when i arrived on board and asked, they knew nothing about it,so i missed out.I think it could be better explained exactly who to contact.I was toled to contact defence, some say contact princess
    but it leaves a sour taste in your mouth

  2. I went on a cruise on 28 October, 2012 and I applied and received $100. However I am booked on another cruise on 29 April and despite sending 5 application I have heard nothing. Not even an acknowledgement of the applications. But they did establish a precedent

  3. Hello Mr Casey, My name is Barb and I work for Carnival Australia. If you are sailing on the Carnival Spirit, we do offer defence benefit on board credit. We did have a email issue back in December and we did not recieve all of the requests for the benefits. I do apologize for this, and would hope that you would resend your information to, I will reply back personally when we receive the information. Your request should include names, booking number and proof of service or ex-service for AU or NZ.
    If you include your VIFP number in the email, I can make sure you get credit for the Spirit cruise.

  4. I have been on cruise with P&o and Carnival and have received the benefits. I have also received benefits from . I find this puzzling because when Carnival granted me the benefits on a cruise commencing 28 OctoberPrincess for an upcoming cruise. However on A future cruise booked on Carnival Spirit. I have sent an application in 3 times but only receive a message sayig a reply will be sent in 24-72 hours. Said reply never comes. I fid this puzzling as Carnival were so prompt in grantin me the benefits ($100) on the cruise which departed Sydney on @8 October, 2012. My next cruise is on 29 April and I am also a VIFP club member.

  5. wanting to claim ex servicemans benifit please. booking # is 5T4CDM please advise.

  6. I am a reservist and booked on Carnival under the assumption that they were a part of P&O cruises as there website lead me to believe (
    Formed in 2004, Carnival Australia is a branch of Carnival plc, and is the backbone of the cruise industry in this region with the P&O Cruises brand..
    I was also informed by my travel agent and Princess Cruises that this offer was Carnival wide, of course, why wouldn’t it be if Carnival Credits Defence Force Personnel?
    2 Days out from cruise departure, my travel agent advises that she has not received a response so I call Carnvial Australia only to be advised that it is not the case, Carnival DOES NOT credit Defence Force Personnel, P&O, Princess & Cunard do however be assurred, Carnival DOES NOT.
    If only I could get my $2,400.00 ticket back, I would cruise elsewhere.

  7. Hi

    I have been told about Ex Service Personnel being able to get an on bourd credit. Would this apply to either my husband or I as we both served in the Royal Air Force in the UK.

    We are going on a cruise (Sun Princess) our first one since we went on the Canberra Christmas 1987. Now we are retired we hope to do a few more (havn’t been able to afford it till now, but every penny helps.)

    Look forward to a reply



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